Saturday, 14 January 2012

I'm in the mood for hauling!

It has been so long since I blogged. And I haven't really got any excuse apart from it just being Christmas and New Year (we had guest overload!) and work is now very busy which I enjoy! Hope you're all well. Thought I'd start with a haul. I've been a bit crazy with the shopping recently. Most of it has been sale bargains.

Can I just say I am no photography expert, some of the pictures aren't great, but I do try. If you have any advice or can point me in the direction of some easy to follow hints and tips for photography I'd be grateful. 

Today I went shopping for one reason, Zara! I went just when the sales had began but I found items I wanted were still quite expensive. I love Zara, and I love it more as I'm getting older because they do some really sophisticated pieces.....non of which I bought, but I like to look at them. 

The dress on the left was a steal at £12.99, reduced from £29.99. It sits a couple inches about the knee and has zips on the sleeves and across the front. It looks lovely on and I will get a lot of wear out of it. The top on the right is a bit colour overload and possibly more summery but I think it'll look good tucked in. It was also £12.99, not sure on the original price.

I got this top from Zara just after the sales began and although it was £14.99, originally £20, I couldn't resist. It is so simple but features leather patches on the nigh neck. I have already worn it one, hence the creases because I had just taken it out of the laundry basket.

The next few items have been bought over the past 2 weeks from H&M, which I love just as much as Zara, possibly more because it's more affordable and more handy because there is a branch 5mins walk from my office (danger danger!!!).

These 2 tops are so simple and were at full price £7.99. They are easy to wear and because the pocket and cuffs are slightly satiny, they can be dressed up. And as always with H&M, one colour just isn't enough. 

I got this top at the beginning of the week and it's been displayed right at the front of each H&M I've been to (FYI, that's 3!). It was £14.99, full price. I love how H&M have that table at the front which showcases all new items, I always like at least 1 item on it. I wore this top last night on a night out with the girls from work, I tucked the front of it into my dark red corduroy shorts. I always find this sleeve length flattering as well because I don't like my arms. 

These 2 dresses have been teasing me since summer and I finally got them. Not sure when I'll wear them, but I got 50% staff discount (our lovely cleaner at work also cleans H&M) making them £5 each. The full price was £14.99, then reduced to £10. 

I don't know why but I always struggle to find a black skirt. I have bought and returned around  in the last 2 months due to them just not looking right. This beauty was only £5 in the sale and it looks so nice on, and flatters my chocolate pouch :). I think it's more suitable for play rather than work so the search continues for a staple black work skirt. I did also get this in a gorgeous butterfly purple print but it was too small even though it was the same size, this happens a lot at H&M. 

I also popped into Accesorize today and picked up these 2 rings, along with a belt which was too boring to picture. The black one was around £1.80 and the gold one with blingy stones was around £3, an absolute steal.

For no real reason I took a picture of a jacket that I got around £2 years ago in River Island. It was around £55 which was justified as it features small metal rectangles all over it. I try not to wear this too often for fear that it'll ruin but I did get it out last night to go with the H&M shirt above. 

And finally the below picture is a random shot of the huge jar of jelly beans I got from my brother for Christmas. I gave a substantial amount to my best friend and her hubby but I'm enjoying having a small handful of these every day.

Hope you all enjoyed this post. 

I have a huge club night to attend next month and the theme is white. I'm not going to waste my money on a white dress as I know I won't wear it again and think I'll look for a white top to go with the black skirt above, anyone seen a nice one on the high street or online recently?

Thank you and hope you're all enjoying your weekend. 


  1. i love the h&m dresses. i have got the one with stripes and one in colour block but slightly different shade.They are very comfortable and look lovely with blazers. i paid £7 online :)


  2. I haven't worn mine yet, but the blazer idea sounds like a winner! I think H&M prices vary from store to store sometimes.

    Thanks for the comment Sandra :)