Sunday, 22 January 2012

New Skirt Joy!

Hope everyone has had a good weekend, I gots me the Sunday night blues!

Today I went shopping with my man, this roughly translates to me shopping and him trailing behind me then saying after 1 hour, "can we go to Nandos?". We did, but before getting our munch on I found this skirt in New Look. The story behind it is we have a huge club night to attend in 2 weeks and the theme is White. I can't (won't) do a full White outfit and did think I would find a nice top to go with one of the many skirts I  already own. However, I found this skirt and fell in love.

The skirt is by Apricot and can be viewed here on the site, it is £25. I love some of the concessions in larger New Look stores and always find something. It is very flattering because of the folded material (technical term alert) and is a denim-ish type material. I'm kind of back to square one now as I need to find a top, but this should be easier now as it doesn't need to be white. You can see I'm not keen on the theme at all as I'm going for the smallest amount of said colour. 

My requirements for the top are as follows 
  • Sleeves, at least 1/3 because I hate my arms!
  • Something which is going to be comfortable enough to dance in all night
  • Will go with the skirt
Any ideas?

Also, I am actually going to have to exchange the skirt I got for a bigger size. I got the small which fits, but stupid me failed to do the "bend over, jump up and down, and wiggle around" test in the fitting rooms, as this skirt does ride up. The small fits perfectly around the waist but is slightly tight on the thighs, I will get the Medium and probably take it in at the waist with my trusty sewing machine. I always seem to have this problem with fitted skirts....

Hope you all have a good week!

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