Monday, 3 October 2011

A trip down memory lane

I was looking through some pictures this weekend and realised it was a perfect place to show some of my collection, so let's have a look...

I had to start with the jewellery I wore on my wedding day, I love it and haven't worn it since (five years ago). Bought in India it was around £200 and also consisted of some earrings which you can't see. And if you're interested, this is a picture of my chunni/duputta. The bangles (known as a churra) were also a major part of the outfit.

Colour blocking at its best!

This is a real Indian gold set which I love, I will be taking closer pics of some of my favourites and this will be one of them as the detail is amazing.

My large earrings from Accesorize (around £12), the stones are a gorgeous grey which matched the outfit perfectly. This was taken Oct 2010 and I prefer to do either necklace or earrings, but usually opt for the former as I find having long curly hair, earrings are usually hidden.

Another Indian piece but this one isn't gold and I have amazing memories of buying this in India, 2006.

Very dangly earrings which annoyed the hell out of me as I was getting my bhangra on on the dancefloor! These were around £5.99 from H&M. The bangles are also a crazy mix of colours which was so suitable for this wedding reception. You can also just about see my favourite clutch.

For some stupid reason I threw this necklace away in a cleaning frenzy last year, not knowing that Aztec was all the rage this summer. £1 from Primark, bought in Winter 2009 on a shopping trip whilst at university, a last minute purchase to go with an outfit that same night.

I spent most of a 2010 holiday in Rome untangling all my long necklaces, and this was one of them. Quite heavy for what it is and it features a collection of "rings". Around £6.99 from H&M.

I love this necklace but it's such a hassle to wear as it takes some messing with to make it look even all the way round. When I originally bought this necklace it has more pearls and rhinestones attached but I wanted to  strip it back to mainly the chains. I can't remember where I bought this, I think it may have been Warehouse, on sale.

Another piece not to wear when you're planning to dance all night is this necklace from my clearly favourite store, H&M, and it was a steal at around £5.99. They currently have the same one but in an orange.

I know, I know, the same top (£7.99 from New Look, Summer 2011). This one isn't very easy to see so I will take clearer pictures. It was 70% off at an Accessorize sale around 3 summers ago and features purple, pink and green blocks of colour.

I hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane. Let me know which ones you would like to see more clearly. And this is just a small sample of what I own so lots more to come.

Hope you're all having a good start to the week.

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  1. Such gorgeous jewelery!

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