Friday, 28 October 2011

a "well done me" present....

The last two weeks have been busy!

I had an interview for an internal post and got it! Well done me. Then I went to London for a few days to stay with family. The day after I got back from London I went to Sheffield for training. I got back last night and after finishing working today I though "I need a treat!".

My manager always wears an amazing ring and although I've noticed it many times, I've never asked about it. So I was in a lift with her in Sheffield and decided to ask her randomly. It was from Pandora and her ex bought it for her a few years ago. I though Pandora just did those charm bracelets and necklaces which I'm not a fan of. But as soon as I could I went on their website and trawled the many pages of gorgeous rings. They didn't have the same style as the one my boss was wearing but there were some lovely designs. I went to the Pandora store today which is around 5 minutes walk from my office and ended up buying this beauty....

It was £100 and the name of it is "190383" (catchy!). I love the design and it will go with everything! I initially wanted the 190140, also £100, but when I tried it on in the store I realised that it didn't look as good as it did on the site. Here is that rejected ring....

There are some other styles I have my eye on but the 190383 will definitely do for now. All the rings can be found on the Pandora site.

Whilst in London I went shopping to Westfield. A huge shopping centre. I was hoping they would have a Forever 21 because I really wanted to have a look at their jewellery but Forever 21 doesn't exist in Westfield (sad face). I didn't really have much time but did manage to check out watches in the Michael Kors store, see my previous post here. My husband quickly ushered me out of there before I could even speak to any Sales Assistant and I ended up in New Look looking for something to make me feel better. I saw this jacket and was reluctant to post the link because it looks horrible on the site, but here it is, Printed Drop Pocket Kimono. In person it is much more relaxed and sheer than it appears on the site and will look lovely with my skinny jeans, boots, and a simple plain top. 

What have you been up to?

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  1. Ooo that ring is gorgeous! Congrats :) and love the Kimono too, really been wanting one lately so might have to get myself one! x