Saturday, 1 October 2011


I love a nice watch! Although I only have two, and don't go thinking they're by Michael Kors. No, my two watches are very much affordable but I receive compliments almost every time I wear them. Who doesn't like that?

My taste in watches is on the large side, I love big watches, if price was no object I would own these...

MARC BY MARC JACOBS Dave rose gold chronograph watch £425

MK5494 Ladies Sport MICHAEL KORS £219

Money is definitely an object to me so these are my two watches

The first is by River Island and is definitely in the style of Michael Kors, which I love. It is by River Island and was purchased Spring 2011, I have not seen these in any branches apart from the one it was purchased it but they do sell similar styles. The cost was £24.99. On numerous occasions people have commented on it and one Sales Assistant in Zara mistook it for a Michael Kors, you can imagine my excitement. 

The second watch is by Fossil, and due to a recent spell of decorating it currently has flecks of white gloss paint on it. A pin on one of the brackets also came loose which, two months later, I have still not had repaired! Fossil also do some amazing pieces, and this one was around £95 and purchased two winters ago. The main colour is a dark rose gold with a peach face.

What do you think of my watches, have you got any high street favourites? 


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