Saturday, 12 November 2011

Saturday bargains!

I went to Outfit this morning, for those who don't know Outlet is a large shop for the Arcadia group so it holds Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, Warehouse, Miss Selfridge, and Evans. I was on the hunt for Topshop MOTO Leigh Supersoft Jeans in Burgundy £38, which I found. I already have these jeans in black and light blue (only suitable through summer) and I absolutely love them. They're so comfortable and a higher waist so you're not having to pull them up constantly. They're also tight around the ankle and are super stretchy.

I also found two absolute bargains in the Dorothy Perkins sale. They were both priced at £7 reduced from £15, but when I went to pay for everything the total came to £42. Obviously like any sane female shopper I did a "yay!" inside but didn't say anything as I thought the Sales Assistant must have done a mistake. I paid sharpish and once I was safely outside I checked the receipt and had only been charged £2 for each necklace. Here they are.

I am so happy with both of them as they're exactly my style, a bit chunky and very versatile. I'm hoping to do my first Outfit of the Day/Night tonight as I'm going out with my best friend. Hopefully I'll have enough time to take a few pics while I'm waiting for my lift. I'm planning on wearing the new jeans, a green metallic slouchy top, and one of the above necklaces. Not sure about shoes yet.

Have you had any absolute bargains recently?

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