Friday, 11 November 2011

Nails of the Day

I love nail polish!

After searching 3 different Topshops for Butterscotch Babe, £5 I finally found it and I love it. It's a gorgeous burnt orange and I wasn't able to find anything that came close. I would probably have resorted to paying the equivalent for the cost of the product for the p&p and ordered it online if I hadn't found it.

If you are generous enough with one coat of this it is enough, it is very opaque and looks creamy in texture which is what I love in my favourite nail polishes.

Then I went to Superdrug to stock up on essentials and couldn't resist NYC Boundless Berry which was an absolute snip at around £2.50. It is completely opaque after one coat and has a gorgeous glossy finish. I went back to work and couldn't resist apply it on the ring finger on each hand. It does look slightly darker when applied on the picture, however it is definitely true to the bottle shade. The colours actually complement each other well and are season appropriate. Whilst Butterscotch Babe is gorgeous, I think I will definitely be exploring the NYC range more as it's half the price and you get slightly more product.

As always, I topped off each colour with my favourite top coat, see my post here. The reason I love the creamy opaque consistency of these polishes over their more shimmery counterparts is because the former is suitable for work and play but the latter should be reserved for play time only!

What are your favourite nail combos. or do you jut prefer to done one colour? 

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Didn't realise NYC had a good range of nail polishes! Think I need to check them out, Butterscotch Babe looks soooo nice too! x

  2. Butterscotch Babe is so unusual. I had one bad experience with a Topshop nail polish and I let it put me off them, but maybe it's time to try again! xoxo

  3. I love the purple color! As I'm sure you have read in my blog post! I'm not sure I could pull Butterscotch Babe off though! The two compliment your skin tone very well and look very cute together! I haven't yet done the ring finger only thing but I'm tempted! If only I could find two colors I liked as much!

  4. @PennyLaneLover they have an amazing selection and some really nice winter colours, I can't get over the quality of them.

    @Blush + Blurbs aaaw that's a shame, I would definitely give them another go, even have a sneaky try in the shop first so you know before you buy.

    @Amie thanks! I know there was a tend for completely contrasting colours but I prefer this as I can get away with it at work.

  5. this looks great! im following.. :)